Thursday, November 17, 2016

Installing Plone 5 on Windows: Part 2 - Installing Plone

This is part 2 of installing Plone 5 on Windows. The following instructions are specific to installing Plone 5 on Windows. Part 1 covered preparing your Windows machine for Plone.


You now have all the tools needed to build a full Plone environment. Plone uses a tool called "buildout" for managing builds, this makes it possible to distribute build configurations using git or other revision management tools. The folder where your build configuration exists is also referred to as a buildout. We will checkout an existing buildout called "themedev.buildout". The intention of the "themedev.buildout" is to provide all the tools needed for Plone theme development.

In the steps below you will clone the buildout then run an initializaton script called "setup.bat"

Step 1 - Install Virtualenv

Launch git bash and run the following to install virtualenv.

pip install virtualenv

Step 2 - Clone the buildout, run the setup script and bin/buildout

git clone
cd themedev.buildout

Day to Day Usage

To launch the instance run the following:

bin/instance fg

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