Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Break down of sites using Plone by Industry

This is a breakdown of Plone usage in different industries based on data reported at

Under reporting
There are many Plone sites that I am aware of that are not reported at (I'm guilty, I don't list the Plone sites I build at Just visit and check the plone-site tag. In this context "reported" means, someone responsible for the site visited, and entered data, including a screenshot, description and link to their new Plone site.

NGOs/Non-profits top
I'm not surprised that the non-profit (NGO) sector tops the listings, I suspect that "reporting" is part of the non-profit "culture"., being a self reporting system, is likely to show an over representation of those who are inclined to report.

As an additional note, I decided to only show industries that had a greater than 2% representation.

Plone Sites by Industry (according to August 19, 2009)

Currently, no industry exceeds 20%. I left out some notables, such as Real Estate and Small Business which I believe are significant but were under 2%.

There is a great deal of overlap between News & Media and Publishing & Printing perhaps they should be combined.

Register with Button

I know there's a quality/spam control issue with, but it would be interesting if every plone site had a "register with" button.

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