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Live Blog NCB Digital Symposium - Dr Lila Rao-Graham Jumpstarting your Digital Transformation

Jumpstarting your Digital Transformation

Dr. Lila Rao-Graham

This such an important initiative. This conversation is a cr

IN our local context are we ready
The CEO spoke to some important components of that.
WE're trying to understand.

What is strategic digital leadership?
What does it entail?

Who is the leader?
Other execs.

Answer… it's about the relationship/partnership between the leaders. The skills needed for the CIO is not just about the technology. That myth needs to go away now. It is important that the CIO acts as a strategists on how to use technology to address business issues.

It is important that the partnership is developed and the CEO pushes the [digital] agenda and support the work of the CIO.

It's NOT about the technology. The technology is a part but it is the integration of the technology with the strategy. How does the technology become a part of the strategy. You have to develop the capabilities needed and invest in your talent. NCB has been very strategic in this, they've come to the university to engage to make sure graduates are coming out with the skills they need.

It requires a change in
  • Strategy
  • Organization & Talent
  • Capabilities
  • Culture

To quote Lego on digital transformation - "No more digital strategy - executing strategy digitally"

It's note an option now for companies it is an imperative. Some of these changes don't require large investments so it can impact small players as well. It requires a change in mindset.

What is digitalization?
It isn't the same for all. It is important to define it.

Size Matters, but…

Remember Blockbuster vs Netflix. It isn't about the big fish, it's about the fast fish. Netflix disrupted the video rental industry and killed Blockbuster.

Adapted a survey administered by MIT Sloan & Deloitte
  • Used a convenience sample
  • 60 responses
  • 1 year period

Most organisations didn't have a clear digital agenda.
Most organisations (53%) considered themselves developing, which I think is optimistic.

You have to be open to this kind of radical change. Leadership is essential, you need to expand the role of mobile and mobility (how are your customers consuming your data and information).

Core technologies:
  • Social
  • Mobile
  • Analytics
  • Cloud

It is an integrated approach:
No longer working silos
  • Strategy
  • Culture
  • Capabilities
  • Org & Talent

My favourite quote:

We are drowning in information, while starving for wisdom. The world henceforth will be run by synthesizers, people able to put together the right information at the right time, think critically about it, and make important choices wisely.
– Edward Osborne Wilson

I want to congratulate NCB. This symposium is a critical success factor.

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