Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Help Oshane get to the Tokyo Plone Conference


Oshane Bailey, a talented Plone developer with loads of Plone experience has been selected as a presenter for the 2018 Tokyo Plone Conference. His Japanese visa was just approved.
He will share a streamlined approach to Plone development that he is applying on a Plone project targeted at Jamaican Developers. At the time of writing he has raised about 17% of the funds he needs to get to Tokyo. You can help him get to Japan by contributing to his crowd-funding campaign.

Oct 29, 2018 update
Thanks to generous contributions, Oshane's trip is now 70% funded. You are welcome to join the crowdfund and cover the rest of his trip.

Oct 30, 2018 update

Oshane's trip is now 89% funded. The plane ticket and conference ticket have been purchased. you can still pitch in by joining the crowdfund to cover the rest of his trip.

Since at least 2015, Oshane has worked on Plone projects for teams around the world and in the process has been exposed to varied approaches to the development and ongoing management of Plone sites. Over recent months he has poured his, hard earned, experience, into a side project -- the Jamaican Developers site.  Through this project he has refined a continuous development pipeline based on some of the best techniques used in the Plone community and enhanced with some of his own innovations.

Last year Oshane participated as a Plone Google Summer of Code student and presented his work at the Barcelona conference. He also participated in the after-conference sprints, contributing to efforts to port Plone to Python 3 and also looking into the WebSauna project.

Supporting his trip to Tokyo will serve to enrich PloneConf 2018 in many ways. Here are three that spring immediately to mind:
1) As part of his talk he will share the techniques he is using on the Jamaican Developers site
2) He plans to participate in the after conference sprints.
3) He will bring an important perspective to discussions influenced by constraints common to Jamaican developers.

How to Support Oshane

Appropriately, his crowdfunding campaign is running on the Jamaican Developers site that he built with Plone. His goal is to raise enough to cover his travel and expenses related to the Japan trip.

As we say in Jamaica... "Follow back a me" as I support Oshane's trip to PloneConf2018 in Tokyo.

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