Thursday, November 26, 2015

Building a Self Hosted CMS Site using Webflow and Plone (Video Series)

One of my personal goals is to make it easier for persons to get started with web development technologies. I teach web programming at my local university, I blog about my preferred CMS (Plone). For front-end development I now point designers at Webflow. In line with that I've recently created a video series that shows how to use Plone as your CMS and Webflow for theme development.

Last month I spent 10 full days (and some nights) building out the initial videos which demonstrate the process of integrating Plone with Webflow.  I noticed a few days ago that there was additional money in my Paypal account, apparently as a result of a sale. I haven't exactly been over the top with my promotion and marketing since the launch, so it was an encouraging event.  While I did blog about it at, I never posted anything here on my personal blog. So this is my "official" blog announcement.

The video series focuses on using Plone 5 with Webflow.  Each video walks you through what you need to know in order to take advantage of Webflow for the look and feel of your site and Plone as a robust, self hosted CMS platform. The idea was to release new videos that will complete the series as I go, if you purchase today you lock into all the new videos for today's purchase price.
The topics covered so far:
  • Introduction
  • Installing Plone Sandbox
  • The Webflow Steps
  • Organize- Structuring your theme
  • What is Gloss?
  • Gloss Marker Classes
  • Marking your theme - Hands on Linking
Learn more on the "Webflow meet Plone" page.

I fell off a bit, I planned to add more videos to the series (for which I must apologize) I can safely promise the next video in the first week of December and more to come after that.

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