Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Install Plone 5 Release Candidate on Cloud9 IDE

These are quick instructions for installing Plone 5 RC1 RC2 RC3 on Cloud9 IDE. This walks you through the process of installing Plone on Cloud9 IDE. We assume you have already signed up with Cloud9 IDE.

Step 1 - Create a new Workspace

On the Cloud9 IDE dashboard select Create a new workspace

Use the default settings as a Starting Point

Then click Create workspace.

Step 2 - Enter the installer command in the terminal

in the terminal type the following:

wget -qO- | bash

You will see output similar to this:

Step 3 - Launching Plone 5

After successful installation (takes about 5 minutes) run the following command:
cd zinstance
bin/instance fg
Once it has started successfully you'll see the following message on the terminal:
INFO Zope Ready to handle requests
At that point select Preview > View Running Application.

IMPORTANT: You'll need to get the adminPassword, it is located under the 'zinstance' folder see the screenshot below.

Once it's running, click on the "pop out" button

This will lead you to the Plone installer (it will look a little weird, because of an issue with proxying the site via https). Click on Create a new Plone site and following the instructions.

Once you're successful you'll see a running Plone 5 site:

Things to Know

Here are a few things to know about Plone.
  1. Plone runs on an application server called Zope 
  2. You can actually run multiple copies of Plone on one Zope application server

Next Steps

This quick cloud based installation is a great way to try out some of the new things in Plone 5. Plone 5 is still being polished so it will have rough edges. Try changing the look of your site by following these notes from Asko Soukka on customizing Plone 5's default theme.

If you get this working, please leave a comment. If you try and have issues leave a comment.


Enzus said...

Hi David,

I tried your guide and everything went well until I selected Preview > View Running Application. The windows open but after awhile an error message appears saying:
"Something went wrong !
Server timed out or sent incomplete response
Click here to try again, or Go back to dashboard.
If that still doesn't work, please Issue a bug report."

Zope seemed to work well as I can see "Zope Ready to handle requests".

Any hint on what I could do wrong?

Many thanks,

Enzus said...

OK I retried with bin/instance start first and now works.

Was wondering if your script would also work on DigitalOcean?


David B said...

Hi Enzus,
I haven't tested it but it will probably work. There are some limitations to this approach, you really want to use a zeo based (load balanced setup) for production, this will be a standalone deployment. Standalone is good for development but I discourage standalone for production.

David B said...
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Enzus said...

Thanks David,

Well I guess it depends from the kind of site you're developing, for a personal/portfolio website it could be enough? I used to have many Plone websites in production, all small and all standalone, and never had a problem, all reliable and some of them still online.

I would be more concerned about the webserver...Probably in that sense it would be better to use ansible, although I fear it's to complicated for my skillset.

I'll try on Digital Ocean and let you know.

Enzus said...

Hey David, could you please update with Plone5rc2?


David B said...

Now updated to Plone5rc2.

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