Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Diazo Snippets Chrome Extension

While building out your Diazo themes, have you ever needed to include a slideshow or transform a drop down menu so that it is compatible with the Bootstrap or Foundation grid systems?  For me these kinds of tasks have introduced unwanted distraction to my otherwise fluid theming process, easily adding hours to what would otherwise be a 40 minute task. In the past I've blogged about the need for some kind of theme reference library and so, to scratch my own itch, the DiazoSnippets Library Chrome Extension was developed. It is built on top of lessArcane a small library devoloped by +Rhys Allister and myself (mostly Rhys though) for the purpose of sharing code snippets stored in json format.

It started out as a collection of examples stored in GistBox. I invited a few persons from the Plone community to participate by contributing snippets of their own. The result was a couple dozen useful snippets organized and classified using labels such as "portlet", "navigation" and "breadcrumbs".

It wasn't enough to stop there, in order to share the work with the wider community, these snippets are reviewed and periodically bundled and released as an updated version of the Diazo Snippets Library Chrome Extension.

Get the Extension

To get started with the Diazo Snippets Library extension, visit the Chrome web store and install it on your Chrome browser. Once installed you will be able to browse and filter various snippets based on their label.

Get involved

The growth of this library depends on the contributions of members of the Plone community. In order to contribute just request access to our Diazo gistbox group and we'll send you an invite. Once you're signed up we ask that you review existing snippets and add new ones.

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