Thursday, July 4, 2013

These guys want you to pay with Blaze (Jamaica's New Payment Platform)

I visited JGXLabs today, Jamaica's most recent technology incubator where I met with the founders of,  +Jason Scott+Kevin Leyow  (the other founder +Jonathan Cooper wasn't present at that time (I later discovered that was coding from home that morning).

So far with a team of three, they've managed to get to a shipable product over a period of two months.
Look for Blaze as a mobile payment option all over the place this summer.

I think this thing is going to blow up! 

Here's my short interview with Jason.

Jason and Kevin about to demo the Blaze Pay App

Where did the idea and the name come from?
Codesprint (yeah, that's the one word answer, what he means is that the first version of the product was built in 24 hours at a coding sprint earlier this year)
Needed a name for the competition, so Kevin was like "Blaze!".

What does Blaze do?
Blaze makes your day to day transactions easier by using mobile technologies to facilitate payments.

Who do you want to use this?
Our first target audience would be restaurants, bars and clubs.

While there I signed up for an account and they promise me that it works. Kevin even sent me $1 Jamaican.

What technologies are you using?
It's written in Python and we currently use Twitter Bootstrap as our CSS framework.


Unknown said...

Very interesting but there's hardly any info revealed about the project and how it works or why it's great

Unknown said...

Looking forward to the roll out.
Has great potential !

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