Monday, May 13, 2013

Graphic Design as time consuming as coding

I needed to "rub up" a flyer* to promote the services of my company Alteroo. Alteroo has a wide ranging skill set that covers experience with databases, web development and design. In the last few months members of our team have had to do work with IP phones, elastic search, content strategy for an environmental organization, data conversion for an accounting system and some experiments with an embedded Linux platform. In that time we've worked with platforms such as Wordpress, Plone, Weebly, CKAN and ElasticSearch. So we cover a lot of ground but we've managed to distill our core to the following:

"helping clients to tell their story well"

So that's what we aimed to capture in our little poster (I benefitted from a bit of art direction from an outstanding designer friend +David Soutar).

In the process of finding the right balance of type and images I went through several iterations. Graphic design is as time consuming as coding, nowadays I tend to outsource design work to those more fluent, so that I can focus on coding (I really don't get those coders and managers who think that graphic design is a quick thing).

* note to self: rubbing up a flyer translated into about 4 hours of work plus USD$30 to purchaes the stock images used (in case I ever forget why we've started to outsource this stuff).


Unknown said...

Great post sir Bain! I wish more people understood how time consuming Graphic Design can be (You could've spent the 4 hours searching for images or making a composite of some you found to get the "look" you wanted. Good finish though.

David B said...

Thanks for the feedback +Cathy and +Marlon

Unknown said...

Hey Ramzan, follow this link

for a great answer on Quora for how you can really make some headway into the world of design without going to design school. I found the resources pretty useful, I think you would too. All the best!

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