Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How to install Plone Social Suite

Here's my quick recipe to get started with Plone Social Suite. Plan to spend about 15 minutes. As usual this does not assume any Plone knowledge, just the ability to follow a few instructions and the assumption that you have a Dotcloud and Cloud9 IDE account.

I've used Dotcloud and Cloud9 ide in the past to get Plone installed. This short recipe demonstrates how to customize your Plone setup at install/deployment time with the Plone Social Suite add-on.

Step 1 - clone:

This step is performed from your Cloud9 IDE dashboard.

Step 2 - configure Dotcloud

The following commands at the terminal in cloud9 IDE will get you started:
easy_install dotcloud
dotcloud setup
dotcloud create plonesocial

Step 3 - Edit "add-ons.cfg" to include plonesocial.suite then push

Open add-ons.cfg and add 'plonesocial.suite' to the eggs section. Then push to dotcloud:

dotcloud push

After a few minutes you will  see your admin password and the URL of your new Plone site. Make a note of you admin password and log into your site.

If you ever need to retrieve your admin password again, use the following commands on the terminal:
source aliases

Step 4 - Install in your Plone Site

Go to "Site-Setup" > "Add-ons" , select Plone Social Suite and click "Activate"

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