Friday, February 15, 2013

Dev-evening small but useful - now how to get to coding

This is my mandatory entry about the recent Dev-evening. Once again we had a small dev-evening around my dining table. Present were: +Khary Sharpe and +David Soutar.

I decided to use the +Shannon Clarke approach, so we went around the table and had each person share their scariest or coolest development related experience. This somehow lead to discussions about slow cooking food in a cooler with an Arduino based thermostat (don't ask).

I'm starting to second guess this coding thing at Dev-Evenings.  I did get in a tiny bit, but I need to figure out how to facilitate a coding friendly environment without discouraging, very useful discussion. After some more reflection I intend to press on on with future Dev-Evenings, however the next thing on my agenda will be workshop. Similar to what I did in Barbados last month (also see

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