Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Teaching Web Stuff - Paid Micro-Workshops

In the near future I will be running a handful of paid micro-workshops on web related topics. The idea is that each workshop will address one thing well. I hope this will be fun for myself and the participants.


The audience I'm aiming for is as follows:
Smart persons with limited time looking for guided learning. 
Each workshop will be concise, and there should be a low barrier of entry for the right participants. As a result, with very little exception, these will be online workshops.

Sign up

I've put together a sign up form for those who want to be the Lab Rats Pioneers :) Subscribe now ( Fill it out and I'll follow up with you.


$30 per person per micro-workshop.

Vote on Topics

I've set up a uservoice forum so you can up vote the topics you want to see delivered first.

Structure of a Micro-Workshop

Short. Thoroughly prepared. It should be possible to deliver a micro-workshop within 60 minutes, this includes a window of 20 minutes for questions and interaction. 


The topics are all web related and are I based on things that I have attained a reasonable of facility in. So far I've identified the following topics:
  • Bash Scripting Fundamentals
  • Plone Content Management
  • Visual Design for Developers - helping developers use CSS to make stuff look good
  • CSS Baby steps for designers
  • An introduction to Cloud9 IDE


All things being equal the first workshop will run on January 2, 2012

Other Thoughts

Some persons may be interested in additional guidance so I'm working on how I might be able to offer optional after workshop support. 

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