Thursday, September 15, 2011

3 must read books for newbie web designers
This is both a technology demostration and valuable education resource. The book makes excellent use of the new HTML5 technologies why teaching valuable lessons about the web, the internet and web browsers. 

A series of tutorials that will walk you from beginner to advanced in the essential web technologies of HTML and CSS.
I'll be honest and say that this is one that I haven't read yet, but it's on my reading list because the outline is really good. I think it will make teaching javascript a bit easier for me.

Once you've covered the basic technologies then you want to learn the processes associated with web management so head to:

After that you'll want to learn a bit about content management systems and web languages. I have a preference for Plone and Python.

Background on these web books
Some one recently asked me about learning Web Development. In answering them I came up with what I consider an very good web learning roadmap.

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