Sunday, December 5, 2010

Using the pshell interactive shell for Pylons/Pyramid Projects

update: I was using an older version of Pyramid, the documentation is up to date for the latest version.

Following the pyramid docs at in the 'Interactive Shell' section the instructions there mention using '../bin/paster pshell development.ini MyProject' to launch an interactive shell, this did not work for me. It returned the following error:

Command 'pshell' not known (you may need to run egg_info)

Instead I had to make use of the paster --plugin option.

paster --plugin=Pyramid pshell development.ini main

It seems that the app generated by the paster -t pyramid_starter command gets the name 'main' in the development.ini. Additionally the pshell command did not work until I specified --plugin=Pyramid. (maybe I'm using an older version of Pyramid).

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Sascha said...

I am currently using a project with pyramid 1.0a3. bin/paster pshell is not available in my environment as well. Thanks for your tip - now I can run the interactive shell.

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