Saturday, November 27, 2010

Installing Pyramid on a shared hosting platform

Taking a little break from my free website experiment, I've decided to take a peek at the new Pyramid framework. Don't be fooled, Pyramid has good pedigree and is battle tested as it existed for more than 2 years under a different name. It's also one of the best documented frameworks out there (bar none).

These are the steps I took to get Pyramid Running on a shared host.
note: The default python was 2.6 and the shell account came with easy_install preinstalled

echo "export PYTHONPATH=~/tools:$PYTHONPATH" >> ~/.bash_profile
echo "export PATH=~/tools:$PATH" >> ~/.bash_profile
source .bash_profile
mkdir ~/tools
easy_install --install-dir ~/tools virtualenv
virtualenv --no-site-packages env
cd env
bin/easy_install pyramid

You should see lots of output similar to this:

Terminal — ssh — 128×44

When you see 'Finished processing dependencies for pyramid', you're good.

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