Thursday, June 24, 2010

Notes on setting up on Plone 4

I used a fresh install of the latest Plone4b4 then added the following to my buildout:
(Note the use of 1.1b5 since plone4b4 doesn't use that version. also there's a note below on getting the 'test-plone-4.x.cfg' file.)


extends =

extensions = mr.developer
sources = sources
auto-checkout =
[sources] = svn

[versions] = 1.1b5

In the buildout directory get the testing .cfg file:

Then run buildout

Fun integration testing
As an aside: You need to try the windmill testing (mentioned in David Glick's blog).
Use this command:

bin/test -s -f test_integration

here's the expected behaviour:

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