Monday, September 15, 2008

Chandler and Trac - Getting them talking

Okay... I've been bitten by the GTD way. So I've been trying to adopt tools that help me to get things done. The key philosophy I've taken from GTD is having all my todos in a single trusted location. Trust is important, if your brain is still trying to remember things you're wasting energy.

My key tools (trusted locations) are Trac Tickets (I use other features of Trac also, but less so) and Chandler. My problem? I have two "trusted" locations and, unfortunately, the two don't "speak" to each other yet...... I currently have a preference for Chandler because I can enter my todo information much faster than in Trac. As a result, I've been using Trac less and less (I'm yet to decide if this is bad or good).

My plan? I want to see how I can get them to communicate. The ideal scenario would be for me to experience everything inside of Chandler. The minimal functionality I'll need is the ability to view my Trac tickets in Chandler, I could use the RSS feed from Trac Tickets except Chandler doesn't seem to "like" the HTTPS based address or the need for a username and password.

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Karl Bartel said...

How did this work out? Are you still using both?

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