Sunday, November 25, 2007

10 Signs that you have outgrown Weebly is an online service which allows anyone to build, and host a website for free.
Where as Weebly is great to get you started I've put together a checklist that might help you decide if it is for you. Maybe you already have a Weebly site, this will help you to decide if you need to move on.
You know you've outgrown Weebly if your site needs to have ...
  1. ... folder like depth of structure and organization: Urls such as
  2. ... built in search capabilities
  3. ... more than one person contribute
  4. ... managed levels of access (including possibly paid access)
  5. ... a membership based website
  6. ... capture detailed/customizable information via forms e.g. registering for a course
  7. ... full ecommerce and inventory management
  8. ... a sensible way to present your content in multiple languages
  9. ... a way to allow your visitors to rate your content
  10. ... a publication management system (not blog) e.g. online magazine with issues and volumes etc..


Unknown said...

It is possible to use a third party service such as wufoo or google docs (forms) to capture data, so that's one less reason to leave weebly.

Unknown said...

Google friend connect now provides a page rating system which I suspect will work with a weebly site. One less reason to leave weebly.

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