Saturday, June 1, 2013

Products.pipbox 1.0b2 was breaking Javascript functionality on my Plone 4.3 site

Recently I had an extended battle with a Plone site that I upgraded to Plone 4.3. The site started life as a Plone 3 site and went through a series of upgrades and now runs on Plone 4.3.
After upgrading I noticed that my carousel (image slider) was no longer sliding. In fact none of the core javascript functionality, such as the drop down menus on the edit bar, was working.

The culprit turned out to be Products.pipbox 1.0b2. I had installed it in the Plone 3 days and left it there. It was fine until the Plone 4.3 upgrade where it started to give trouble (most likely some kind of Javascript conflict). Back in the day pipbox was used to manage ajax pop ups and similar stuff but a lot of that has been integrated into Plone since Plone 4.0. So really I have no use for it so I uninstalled it and all was well again.

Since removing pipbox fixed the problem, I didn't do any further analysis around the specifics of the conflict. I'm noting this in my blog in case someone else comes across a similar issue. Now I can get back to my little AngularJS side project :).

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