Friday, October 12, 2007

CSS, every other browser.... then there's IE

[Figure 1]

[Figure 2]

So I'm working on creating a wonderful look for a new website. CSS and design can be so much fun. Looks great in Firefox 2.0.x, Opera and Safari on OS X, but it is always important to check your site in different browsers. So I go to browsershots, figure 1 above shows thumbnails of how the site looks in most browsers, it also happens to be how I designed the site. Figure 2, demonstrates how the site looks in internet explorer (which is, unfortunately, 85% of the internet population and not how I designed it).

So now I move to "phase two" of my design, IEFixes (grrrrrr).


Unknown said...

bigger images please...

Angi said...

A cool morning to you David. Could you please post blogs on Flash.

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