Thursday, November 1, 2018

NCB Digital Symposium 2018 - Warren Vernon - National Identification System

National Identification System

Enabler of Digital Economy
Warren Vernon

I had to step out so I didn't get the whole presentation. Employees working with data can get up to 25 years of imprisonment for unauthorized verification or
unauthorized internal access to individuals' personal data.

Applications of NIDS(not his term)


  • Visual, face-to-face identification
  • Information on the face of the card + a single fingerprint stored on the NIC;
  • Match on Card fingerprint automatic identification
  • NIC contains a digital certificate to prove the identity of the card holder
  • Use of the card holder PIN + Biometric to authenticate

Digital Signature
  • Chip contains a second certificate 
  • Signature can be applied to electronic document

Banking as a service

In the future you'll be able to do onboarding online, sign contracts online, possibly use biometric authentication at Automated Banking Machines.

Opportunities for Regulators and Stakeholders
  • Fast-track public consultation to establish guidelines for applicants
  • Take swift actions from consultation to application
  • Issue/take up the first local Virtual Bank License
Opportunities for the 1st Virtual Bank and Customers
  • Promote financial inclusion
  • No physical branches
  • Eliminate minimum and low account balance fees
  • Target small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and Low income individuals
  • Establish digital banking services for Jamaicans living overseas
  • Reduce risk for digital IDS
Authentication is done based on what a person has or knows; Some confidence; High risk of fraud
Authentication is done based on who a person is (Iris, Fingerprint, Face);
Very high confidence Low risk of fraud.

Opportunities for e-Prescriptions, Feeless Real Estate transactions

A National Accreditation Certificate Authority

(missed details here)

LIfecycle Data Exchange

  • Identity data entered once at NIRA
  • Contact info, Identity and Name Change Sharing
  • Current and Historical Addresses Sharing
  • LIfecycle change data sharing - marriages, deaths etc.

Transform Government Procurement

  • Create fully digital procurement Portal
  • Hide seller information before a match is established
  • Automate the matching of business needs or specifications with vendor products
  • Expand the local e-commerce industry

Reduce corruptions; increase innovation; increase transparency; Public Private Partnership to build it out.

Addresses as a service

  • Introduction of a National Standardized Address Database
  • Public and Private Sector will have access to use standardized addresses for consistency
  • No personal information in the database

Improve access for Persons with Special Needs

  • Proof if government benefits and welfare are reaching disabled persons
  • Create opportunities for the disabled

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