Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Help two Plonistas get from Jamaica to Barcelona (Catalonia) for the 2017 Plone Conference

Jamaica to Catalonia for Plone Conference 2017

TL;DR - David Bain and Oshane Bailey are looking to attend the 2017 Plone Conference via crowd funding.

  • Sept 20, 2017 Update: We will mostly be walking so this reduces our transportation costs, we've adjusted our target to reflect this. We've extended the campaign until September 27.
  • Sept 17, 2017 Update: We're finding some cheaper fares, adjusting our target to reflect this
  • Sept 16, 2017 Update: Oshane has been offered a free room, this will lower the overall target further
  • Update: It looks like there are more cost effective accommodation options, as a result, we've further adjusted our estimates.
  • Update: We have found some cheaper flights via Google Flights so we're adjusting our estimates down by $2,000. 

  (David's the one on the right).

This is a manually managed crowdfunding tracker updated by David (no AI was harmed in the creation of this tracker)

We are trying to get from Jamaica to Catalonia for the 2017 Plone conference.  Our target is to raise a significant part of the roughly USD$7,000 USD$5000 USD$4,400 USD$3,700 USD$2,900 needed to cover airfare, accommodation etc.

How to support us

You can contribute to our travels via Paypal (see the button below), funds go to my Paypal account.

Why support us?

Support us so that we can deliver training, talks and participate in the sprints*.

Getting us there will allow David to deliver training and a talk or two, Oshane will be able to share his Google Summer of Code experiences and participate in his first face to face community sprint after the conference. Oshane worked this summer on improving the theme editor experience, here are some links with more information about what he did...
We're hoping he'll be able to present his experience as a talk at the conference.

David has been an active part of the community for many years. He delivered training and two talks at the last conference and has been invited to be part of the training team at the 2017 conference as well.

Both of us are really excited to participate this year, however the cost of airfare is prohibitive.

* While Oshane will stay for the sprints, due to family commitments, David won't be able to stay for the sprints.

 Rough Breakdown of expenses



David B said...

I spoke to Victor Fernandez de Alba, one of the conference organizers, he pointed out that the registration fee for a trainer is less than for other participants. I've updated the spreadsheet to reflect this. I also added processing fees to the spreadsheet, so far I'm not seeing any Paypal transactions fees but I will need to account for the cost of moving funds to my Payoneer based debit card.

David B said...

T.Kim Nguyen suggested that I check Google Flights ( As a result I was able to find cheaper routes. Armed with this information we've adjusted our spreadsheets and donation target.

Unknown said...

Using skyscanner you'll get fares for around 900€ ;)

David B said...

Thanks for the tip. I compared the results of skyscanner to Google flights and for the most part it is comparable. One challenge is also paying attention to visa restrictions. Route vary, via UK, USA, Canada so we have to take this into account as we plan.

David B said...

Something must be wrong with my Math, for a while I thought we had raised $350, but actually it is $305 from 5 contributions so far. I've fixed the progress bar to properly reflect things now.

David B said...

Over at the Plone forum, Andreas Jung asked
"What happens with the money if we miss the goal?
In short all funders will be refunded.

David B said...

We list the amount raised in USD, in the last hour you may have seen a $10 dip (from $1,590 to $1,580) in the total raised. This was because I had to make some adjustments, based on Euro to USD exchange rates. The original amount was based on Google's reported rates, the updated amount is based on what I actually got when converting the Euro I collected to USD in my Paypal account.

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