Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fixed a disappearing TinyMCE on Plone 4.3

I recently linked the disappearance of the TinyMCE visual editor on Plone 4.3 to a conflict between Products.Carousel and collective.carousel. I'm still doing more investigation into this issue, but I figure it may save someone some trouble.

On two Plone sites, both running the latest Plone 4.3.1, I had the same scenario, on both sites I switched from collective.carousel to Products.Carousel. While I haven't pin pointed all the reasons, what made me suspicious was an error in the javascript console that mentioned the absence of resizeCarousel() ( a javascript method that is used by collective.carousel).

The bottom line, probably due to the order of loading the various .js files TinyMCE stopped working.

In both cases, removing collective.carousel  cleared up the conflict and fixed the disappearing TinyMCE.

My take away is to pay more attention to the javascript console. Also, in general, I need to better understand strategies for more robust management of javascript dependencies.

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