Thursday, February 28, 2013

What Designers Need to Know about Web (Presentation at Feb 2013 Jamaica Design Association)

Yesterday I presented at the February meeting of the Jamaica Design Association. I'm thankful to +Roger Davis for allowing me the privilege. I was pleased to realize how many persons there had a background or interest in web/programming. At least one third of the room self-identified as web developers/designers.

I sat near +Gebre Wallace who identified himself as an entrepreneur (I know him to be a talented programmer), his company name is "Artuvic Solutions", the company will focus on delivering solutions through problem solving (especially programming) (my words).

Neil A. Buckle, ( Graphic Designer/Illustrator showcased some of his work. He really has a knack for integrating his illustration skills into his logo designs, and it was clear that he does significant background research around his designs. I've included some of his work below.

He discussed how he deals with clients the most quotable moment was when he spoke about the cliche client that wants a quick logo or letterhead (usually for free): "It's only going to take you five minutes", response "It don't tek me any time because I've been working on this for the past 20 years".

+Howard Forte ( shared some of his web design work, persons were very vocal about what they liked and didn't like about his work. If you plan to present at the JDA make sure that you have a strong constitution. It's likely that you will be critiqued, but it will be to your benefit. By the end of the presentation they had him on the backfoot. I spoke with him after the meeting, he actually expected harsher criticism :). During the presentation he shared his process which included the use of high fidelity mockups rather than rough wireframes, it feels to me like he's on the learning curve as far as design is concerned but has a good handle on the web technologies, I'm looking forward to seeing what he produces in the next few years.

My presentation focused on raising awareness of modern web concepts, I wanted to keep people in the loop about what are the current trends and practices.

Here's my presentation:


The meeting was held at Nanook on Burlington Avenue. Joan Webley of Nanook shared with us about their business. Nanook is a co-working space, with many additional support services, aimed at creatives. It started out servicing music and film persons but is now opening up to designers. For at least the next 6 months Nanook will act as the virtual headquarters for the Jamaica Design Association. Their services include wifi, meeting rooms and physical office space. They also have a cafe and vegetarian restaurant. She also mentioned a potential arrangement that offer members of the JDA a huge discount for use of their facilities.

The Jamaica Design Association

You can find out more about the JDA at their facebook page.


@MisterCheez said...

Thanks for your presentation. It was definitely interesting info worth knowing and following up on.
I'm happy you liked my presentation, and thanks for the mention. I look forward to our next meeting.
Btw, love that "tuterate" initiative. Maybe soon we can look to incorporate some graphic design/illustration lessons in there.
The future looks promising!

David B said...

No problem Neil. Are you volunteering to contribute to the graphic design/illustration aspects?

bibershally said...
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