Monday, January 28, 2013

Meetup with Barbados Developers

I'm in Barbados for a few days and with the help of +Shannon Clarke was lucky enough to engineer a hang-out with a few of Barbados' Developers and IT Professionals including +Dario Thornhill, Andrew Moore, Jason Hyndes, +Yohance Young and Curtis Padmore. I wanted to get an idea of what's happening on the ground in Barbados as far as technology, software development and entrepreneurship are concerned.

These are real geeks with "geek-cred". Yohance has experience with Java and C among other languages and developed a Lisp interpreter while he was at Harvard. Curtis is a pioneer in the Mobile Apps space and shared a bit about entrepreneurship in the Barbados context. Dario and Andrew are doing development with various database and web platforms and Jason offers his services as a system admin for hire.

There was actually a feature on television about an App competition and Shannon was prominently featured, pretty cool. To top it off Shannon decided today to finally launch his app which helps shoppers find the items on their shopping list while sticking to their budget. This meetup is part of a series of evenings for the week, we'll be doing a Dev-evening and a workshop the day after that.

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