Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tangent - The truth about UWI, my version

Just read a blog post entitled "The Truth about The University of the West Indies: Mona Campus (That they won’t ever tell you about)". It certainly seems to have hit a nerve with some UWI graduates :). The article is largely tongue in cheek, but I consider it an important reality check especially for those who are actually University staff (like me).

For those of you who want to be spared the profanities or can't be bothered to read the entire thing, here's the summary.

  • Don't expect the security guards to know the campus (get a map)
  • Don't expect your tutors to know more than you (read the notes etc...)
  • Important information isn't always communicated in a timely manner, (ask lots of questions, get all the details)
  • Female students on campus are known to dress provocatively.
  • Significant number of smokers
  • Very difficult to find vegetarian food on campus
  • Graduating from UWI guarantees neither a job or any new skills or knowledge
Did you graduate from UWI? Are you currently at UWI? What do you think?

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Yeah, the experience at UWI is no bed of roses. Basically you have to do everything yourself to survive.

Have you ever seen the TV show "Man vs Wild" ? Yup, that's UWI

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