Saturday, October 23, 2010

Plone Conference 2010 Ideas

These are the things I'd love to see happen at Plone Conference 2010. If I have other ideas I'll post them here.

Open Spaces
  • Scaling Plone with Google App Engine as a Front End. I'm interested in hearing ideas or seeing examples of how people may be using Google App Engine as a 'presentation layer' in front of Plone.
  • Plone Deployment including discussions about deploying using packages (deb,rpm,tgz,exe)
  • Collaborative Education Solutions on Plone
I'd be more than willing to participate in any one of the Sprints listed below. I've listed the one I'd most want to do first.
  • Dexterity Schema Export - Extending dexterity to support schema export to filesystem, so that integrators can create content types that can be installed as new products.
  • Transmorgrifier Documentation Sprint
  • OpenID Whitelisting Sprint - focus on adding whitelisting support to the openid authentication infrastructure for plone
  • Add skin dump to the export capabilities of

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