Thursday, April 1, 2010

TTW Plone for Designers – Part 1

If you missed it, or just want to quickly revise the course material,
visit the video on demand (sorry about the ridiculous lack of

I've noted some special times in the video so you don't have to endure
all the bumbling:

Watch live streaming video from pigeonflight at


18:20 - Purpose of Course
21:30 - Adding Objects via the ZMI
29:30 - Understanding Page Templates
33:10 - Using TAL (tal:content) in Page Templates
39:00 - Creating a Dynamic List with Page Templates
49:40 - Using Macros (METAL) in Page Templates
55:00 - Basing a Page on a Template (sorry about the bad sound here)
1:00:25 - Tour of A Fancy Site Template based on a free template
1:05:30 - Creating a Navigation Bar Menu for the Site
1:14:25 - Using Page Templates with metal:fill-slot to create a slideshow page
1:39:40 - Brief Tour of Plone

During the presentation I referred to the basic site example as a
Plone Site (if you were keen you would see that it was clearly not a
Plone site, but a basic Zope site built with Page Templates)

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