Thursday, October 15, 2009

Installing Plone 4 on Solaris

Plone 4 is still under development, but I've heard enough to get me curious. This is how I got it working. I ended up installing it on OpenSolaris, should work just as well on Linux. I had issues with MacPython on OS X.
update: I was able to get it to successfully install on OS X Leopard by "downgrading" to macpython 2.6.2. Will need to try the same on Linux.

Important notes:

  • Use Python 2.6 less than Python 2.6.3 (so 2.6.2 and 2.6.1 should work) (thanks to esteele for the tip)
  • Make sure all the supporting python 2.6 packages are installed
    On Solaris this includes SUNWPython26 and SUNWPython26-setuptools (you may possibly also need SUNWPython26-extra)

Get PIL installed
Following a tip from speedbreeze. As the root user run the following command
easy_install-2.6 -i PILwoTK

Checkout the source, bootstrap and build
svn co plone4
cd plone4

I was then able to launch Plone 4:
bin/instance fg

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